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Welcome online business owner! Great that you found me. You're in the right place. I create content that builds trust with your audience and generates sales.

After 5 years of marketing, community building, and customer relations in the USA, I decided to go international with my expertise so that I could explore more of the world. 

I can typically be found working from my favorite tea place in NL, or from inside a classic VW camper when my partner and I need some time by the sea - and yes, we take the cat sometimes :)

I'm also a big believer in the Oxford comma.

Is your last name*really* Sunshine?

Guess you'll have to hire me to find out!

Just kidding... you can find my legal last name on my LinkedIn Profile if you're curious. While you're there, don't be shy to connect!

"Yess! You GET me!" is the magic of my work.

Customers and clients buy when they believe they are making a secure financial decision. This feeling comes naturally when they feel a connection to you.

Hire me to attract, 


and nurture your audience. 

My formula is simple:


attention to detail,

and a touch of my signature magic.


Building relationships are important to me, which means I am not a one-size-fits-all provider. I don't work with people who have no visible passion for what they do, those who see themselves above their clients or contractors (mutual respect is a big deal for me), and I don't provide one-and-done services except for consultations. This enables me to my best work and to make good on this promise: if we are a good fit for each other, I will walk beside you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey.


My Latest Projects


Christina Rama, founder of Encoding Wellness and a leading Emotion Code specialist is a powerful force for good. We have been developing the launch plan and client nurture sequence of her 12-week program and I have been blown away by what we've accomplished together. While working with me, Christina has discovered a profitable avenue for passive income (did I mention - she also has four kids? The woman is a powerhouse!) and through email marketing, we connected with the first group of beta testers for her program. We continue to work together weekly and I am happy to update you on her wins! You can learn more about Christina and the emotion code here.


Rob Duffy, founder of Life Choice Solutions and the go-to guide if you're experiencing anxiety and self- doubt as an introvert or ambivert, has quickly become a star client and valuable friend. Rob was gaining a lot of his success on his own, but he had a few blind spots when it came to spreading the word about his services. Together, we identified two new platforms that have since generated an influx of new clients. Rob is an amazing coach, but he was holding back when it came to telling his story. He was especially concerned about scaring introverted prospects- a niche he dearly wanted to work more with. Together, we designed his story brand so that it reflects his work authentically *and* does so in a tone that soothes his introverted audience. He has since gained the confidence to create an online community dedicated to introverts and serve them first as his ideal clientele. You can learn more about Rob and his Map Your Mastery Program here.

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