I have been incredibly blessed to work with friends, and friends of friends. It's been a cornerstone of my business, and I'd love for that to continue. This is fun not only because I get to help people I know (or people you know), but it brings in quality clients that I enjoy working with. It's like having a built-in, pre-screening system.

So, to help make it easier for you to share about me, I've put together this referral program. In short, I want to give you free stuff for talking about my services!


If your referral becomes a client, you get your choice of:

  • $25 for contracts $500 or less

  • $50 for contracts $501-$1500

  • $100 for contracts $1500+

  • Two hours of custom marketing or consulting, valued at $120. This would be the option for those who would rather apply my expertise to your own marketing efforts. If you're local, we'll meet in person. If you're not, we'll video chat. I'll be able to hear all about what you've got going on, marketing-wise, and provide feedback, suggestions, and action steps while we talk. (You could even be super charitable and gift this to one of your favorite coaches or clients.)

  • Two hours of healing arts. Alongside being a magnetic copywriter and marketer, I am also a reiki healer and meditation workshop facilitator. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge & energy with you from this angle if it sounds like a much-needed breath of fresh air.

If your referral doesn't become a client, I'll still give you a 15 min session for sharing. But of course, we know that abundance grows when shared and I'm ready to work my magic!


Is a creative entrepreneur and/or coach who is absolutely passionate about what they do, but doesn't have time or talent to write it down. Perhaps English is not their first language or they are just better in front of a camera or face-to-face than they are sitting down in front of a blinking cursor. Whatever the case, they know they need someone who can write in their voice - perhaps even with a little boost of energy and confidence- and get it out to the masses in order to pull in their soulmate clients. Whew! Thanks for sticking with me for that, I hope the image I created in your head has got your gears turning.. thinking of someone in particular? Call them!

Here are a few kinds of projects I work on:

  • Writing websites

  • Writing event materials (both print and online)

  • Writing email, launch, and social media campaigns

  • Writing blog and social media posts

  • Providing feedback and suggestions on brand strategy

  • Consulting on marketing strategy

  • Graphic design for print and online distribution

  • Rewriting bios

  • Content repurposing 

From time-to-time, I also have clients that fall outside of these parameters, and most often that happens because they've been referred to me. For example, I have taken meditation and reiki clients. As long as I have the capacity, I'm happy to help anyone I can, especially when they're doing something that benefits others in some way.


I don't think there is really a one-size-fits-all answer here because needs vary. And, really, I'd rather you promote me in your own words because that's more meaningful for everyone.


That said, here's some sample text you can copy and paste to get you started:

My friend, Angie Sunshine, helps coaches and entrepreneurs with a soul mission with their marketing and communications. She does this primarily through copywriting and consulting. She’s worked in, and with, lots of different organizations, and has over 6 years of professional writing and marketing experience. Additionally, she is familiar with coaching herself and can easily understand your goals and lingo. She'll 'get you' and show it through the way she'll write for you. Essentially, she helps more people do good things. So, I know she’d love to help you as well.

You can learn more about her at Angie even offers a free consultation with no commitment, if you’d just like to get to know her, tell her about your work, and maybe even get a little, free marketing advice! :)

Here are some ideas:

  • Email relevant friends, colleagues, or clients with information about me, stating specifically how you think I can help them. (Note: This works best via one-to-one emails rather than mass emails.)

  • Will you be hanging out with someone who could be a potential client? Bring me up!

  • Post about my services on your blog with the links that would be most helpful to your readers. (Need help? We can whip one up together!)

  • Share links to my information on your social media. (Note: While this would be wonderful as well, the less personalized it becomes, the less effective it becomes. And I'd really love to reward you!)


Do they need some time?

Do you have some noncommittal friends? We all do. I mean, RSVP already, right?!?!?

If this is the case, here are a few ways that I can nurture my relationship with them, and they could become a client down the line, even if they aren't ready yet. These options might be a good follow-up if they say they're interested, but not right now.


Depending on the relationship and need, you can either:

  • Send this person to one of the links above that will be helpful to them, and they can poke around and reach out to me via the contact page, or

  • Connect them directly to me using this form.


If there's something else you need from me that would help you explain my services better, please don't hesitate to ask!

I'm grateful for you, and I can't wait to help your friends!


Q. Should I tell people that I'll get something in exchange for referring them to you?

A. It's totally up to you, but you're probably talking to these people because you want them to have help that furthers their mission. So, they probably won't mind! And I'll be offering this same option to all clients as well, so they could be doing the same thing down the line. :)

Q. Do I have to be a coach or entrepreneur to chose the consultation as my reward?

A. Nope! I'm happy to extend this offer to anyone. If the consultation doesn't suit you, the healing arts option is really for everyone and it's soo relaxing.

Q. How will you know if I referred them?

A. I always ask people how they found me, but you can also ask them to name drop you as well.


Q. When will I get the reward?

A. Once I see the money, you'll see the money! If you prefer the consultation, we'll get that scheduled once the fee comes in.

Q. Do I get paid every time my contact starts a new project with you?

A. Sorry, just the first time for repeat clients. But you can get rewarded for each new client, so keep sharing!


Any other Q's? Drop me a line

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