Marketing that feels like sunshine:

warm, engaging, and inviting.

Not gimmicky, slimy, or pushy.
Sustainable success comes from authentic communication with your ideal clients.
Yet so many bright path blazers like you are still relying on outdated schemes that just feel fake.
Guess what? If you're not feeling aligned, you won't sell. And people will smell your B.S. from miles away.
You deserve sooo much better than that. Don't be fooled by what you've been told you 'have to' do.
There is another way.
Turn browsers into buyers with powerful content & heart-centered brand storytelling. I will guide you every step of the way.


Brand Strategy

Social Content

Creative Concept


Get crystal clear on the way you represent yourself to the world using the Story Branding method.


Personalized content that makes an impact on your ideal clients, in your own unique voice.


Social media content that cuts through the clutter & creates engagement with the right audience.


Bust through barriers together over virtual tea for game-changing marketing results. 

If your heart is shouting "Yes, let's do this!"

Get in touch.

Andrea Grandson,

Founder of The Nutrition Helpline

"Besides being a joy to work with, Angie is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.


She successfully set up communication channels which resulted in increased followers and a system that I can continue to follow. I've no doubt that Angie will be an asset to any company."

Rob Duffy,

Founder of Life Choice Solutions

You NEED Angie in your life! She sees you and knows you very VERY quickly!


Having worked with her for a while, she has enabled my writing to come to life and knows exactly how to say what you want to say but feel a bit clunky saying it. Angie is super awesome at this!


Copywriting that bounces off the page and a thorough knowledge of marketing. I am so happy I found her!

Bertin Bom,

Founder of Ambiophonic Records

I truthfully couldn't have launched my record label without Angie's inspiration, encouragement, and constant support. 

As a Dutch speaker, my English is ok but didn't have the right "tone" that I needed for my audience. Our music was falling on deaf ears. Now we are growing daily and have even been chosen to present at Dancefair - something I only dreamed of before.

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